About us

Charred Wood is a small UK business based in Northumberland that creates handmade woodburning wall decorations on hand picked high quality hardwoods from the Scottish Borders.

Chris is a self taught pyrographer who picked up a soldering iron and a chopping board a decade ago and turned a hobby into a profession. He's upgraded his tools and skills over the years and he also does all the woodwork himself so he can select and match the wood to the theme and mood of the piece he's working on. 

​His wife Carolina attends local fairs and markets in Northumberland and the Scottish Borders where she sells his artwork. Check the contacts page for all the dates and locations.



Chris studied illustration and graphic design at college in Edinburgh but didn't pursue the arts for a long time, working in pubs and bars in Scotland and Northumberland until he stumbled on pyrography by chance, in a pub in Leith (as you do.)

With a desire to work for himself and an interest in an unusual medium, he started off with small projects, slowly building his experience and techniques over the last 10 years. His wife Carolina started attending local art fairs and markets 5 years ago and this took Chris' work to a new audience, resulting in custom orders and a wider range of themes and subjects to challenge him and expand his skills.