About Us

Bespoke wood burning art 
handmade in Northumberland

Charred Wood creates unique and striking wood burning art using pyrography tools on locally sourced sustainable wood. Ranging from custom orders such as pet portraits to bestselling designs inspired by nature & regional attractions, each piece is expertly created with blowtorches and heat pens on carefully selected pieces of kiln dried hardwood from the Scottish Borders. Making great gifts for that ‘hard to buy for’ person in your life or a striking statement piece for your home, we can create a truly personalised piece of art.


Who We Are


We are a small business raising a young family and living a fairly quiet life! We find inspiration in the day to day routine of rural Northumberland as well as our interests in movies, music and video games So there’s an element of pop culture to our work as well as nature and regional themes.

Chris, our Scottish wood burning artist, loves a challenge so the quirkier and more unusual commissions are always a lot of fun to do. He can work from a photo or come up with a personalised design to suit your requirements as well as sourcing the wood to fit your dimensions and budget. Carolina does craft markets and art fairs as well as the admin, marketing & social media.

What We Do

We get high quality kiln dried wood from the Scottish Borders and cut, plane and sand it down to the required size. We take care to match the grain, colour and characteristics of the wood to the design or theme of the artwork to be burnt on. It certainly takes an artist’s eye to spot the finished product among piles of wood at the sawmill!

Chris uses pyrography pens and blowtorches to create the final product and adds hooks to hang before dispatching your custom wood burning art. Have a look at our Youtube videos for an idea of his style and to see the burning process.